New homepage and no more painkillers ?!?

If I could make my own choices about where to be and when I would definitely choose to be in Latvia and run around in the sand dunes, but right now my decisions are more concidering how long walks I can take without being stupid. My body is recovering well and today I haven't eaten any painkillers at all. Yesterday I was sent home from the hospital, after having a weekend with "good vibrations", and David could make his travel to the European Championships a little bit more releafed.

New homepage and probably the end of this blog
I've really liked having my blog as a kind of diary and space of dumping thoughts that have bothered me for a while. Really learned a lot but during this time me and David also worked on a common homepage and we were supposed to release it just in time for EOC in Latvia. Since I had my "accident/sickness" things went in a different direction but now we've decided to make it official anyway. Everything is not 100% ready yet but we hope there can be something to enjoy and since I've got a little more time at home it might be fulfilled quite soon! Of course I'll continue thinking ;-) and there will be some free and strange speculations in the future as well....and more maps!!!

(An english version of some of the news is now on top of the list)

Since I'm stuck home for a while there's important to find things to do and today me, my mother and David's mother cleaned our balcony and bought flowers to decorate it with.


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